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EMT supports innovative thinking and creates opportunities for creative think-tanks through quality research, learning and development that is able to bridge the knowledge gap and skill deficit to critical and urgent environmental and sustainable development concerns of our time. EMT supports research in low carbon development pathways and climate resilient solutions. We provide learning opportunity for sustainable development goals, environmental assessment, and climate change vulnerability and impact assessment that will identify appropriate climate adaptation and mitigation options/plans. Furthermore, EMT provides learning support to industry and high risk work places on effective EHS solutions that will prevent injuries, incidents and promote performance.




SHE Culture-3rd



SHE Culture vol.2


SHE Culture VOL. 1






—–Environment & Sustainable Dvelopment in Oil/Gas Exploration & Producation


—–landmarks of Environment & Development ……Compilation of Historic Decisions Shaping Our Actions Towards Env. & Sust. Dev.


—–Understanding Climate Change & Building Adapatation For Resillience Across sub – Saharan Africa.


—–Building a Career in Environmental Journalism


—–Scientific Expert Witnessing in Environmental litigation



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No: 3 2015

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